Our History

At HFG, we understand that land design is a fine art and seek to provide our clients with the most exceptional and responsible services. This understanding underscores our own personal practice of integrated, harmonious and inspiring ecological pairings of function and form through a rich diversity of native and painterly style choices.

We are ever mindful and dedicated, as a creative team, to earn the trust necessary for long-term and rewarding client relationships. Our staff of skilled and talented professional personnel share our core values, horticultural knowledge and high standards of sensitive craftsmanship.

Collaborative partnership and compelling artistry is at the heart of our vision. Our own sustainable life passions and civic engagement propels our practice and enthusiasm for our work and painterly aesthetic. We cultivate garden awareness into collaboration and restoration between people and nature. It is our commitment, our work and our experience.

We bring your story into the garden.

Over 30 years of enduring, elegant and thoughtful gardening practices in Eastern Pennsylvania, Central and Northern New Jersey.

Special thanks to Andrea Grillo and Henk Vanderlely for their contributions to this website.

“Everyone, without exception, treats the work, the land, and each other with respect. It feels good to do business with people that use respect as a cornerstone to build on.”  — A.D., Hopewell, NJ